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One Ummah Foundation is a non-profit public benefit charity dedicated to eliminating child labor by breaking the cycle of illiteracy and poverty in underdeveloped countries.


One Ummah Foundation brings hope to families and communities via volunteer support and charitable donations to:


  • provide material support that allows a child to go to school

  • develop infrastructure that supports children moving forward in life

  • progress families towards self-sufficiency 

  • stabilize families and alleviate suffering due to a humanitarian crisis


The primary goal of the One Ummah Foundation is to reduce the incidence of child labor by creating greater opportunity for education and by reducing families’ need to rely on their children as income-earners freeing the children to attend school.

One Ummah Foundation believes in creating long-term relationships with existing organizations who intimately understand the need and can deliver the solution directly. We believe this to be the most effective way to create and sustain change and positive impact. These organizations are operated independently of the One Ummah Foundation; however, any funding provided to these organizations is used as designated by OUF and is tracked to ensure that they are only used for the purposes to which they are designated.


One Ummah Foundation works closely and collaborates with many like-minded partners across the globe, who are chosen after a careful qualification process. These partnerships and strategic alliances help us bring relief to the needy efficiently and in an expeditious manner.


We take great care to ensure our partners (both organizations and management), and their objectives align with OUF’s mission and objectives, and they reflect the highest levels of integrity, operational and financial transparency that OUF takes great pride in.