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Bangladesh - Critical Humanitarian Need for Children

Updated: May 15

Food Rations @ $1.75 per family per day

One Ummah Foundation has been supporting the families of our Bright Future School in Bhola, a district of poor fishermen, farmers and orphans in Bangladesh. These hard-working people don't have enough to eat more than one meal per day. Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, food distribution has been scarce.

We are asking for donations for food rations that cost $1.75 per family per day

For context, we are supporting the 120 families and students associated with the Bright future Schools in Bangladesh. Children from these families used to work outside in shops, hotels, restaurants, as street hawkers and servants. There is no government school nearby and even if there was, poverty forces children into labor to support their families. It is the mission of the One Ummah Foundation to Break the Cycle of Poverty and Illiteracy. Since 2016 we have seen this school grow - with your help - from 20 students to 125 students across 4 centers.

It would have not been possible to run this project without your generous donations for our needy kids.

The logistics of food distribution are extremely challenging right now given the remote locations of the schools and the areas these families live in, but our project coordinators have stepped up to ensure all families receive food expeditiously.

The cost for this specific food project comes to $1.75 per family per day. Supporting food security for these families in these times of uncertainty is critical not only a humanitarian need short term but also vital for the success of these children and our mission of pulling these families out of poverty through education in the long term.

The immediate fundraising goal to keep these families going is $5,000. Please donate here.