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Day of Arafat Special Program

Asalamwaliakum wrb

This coming Day of Arafah, the holiest day for Muslims, One Ummah is planning on a 25 Cow sacrifice in West Bengal again this year to feed the poor. The condition of our Ummah there is unbelievably pathetic.

Maulana Yusuf is managing a team there under Mufti Sahab to do Eid Cows plus One Ummah projects InshaAllah taala.  Alhamdullilah West Bengal has Communist Government so no restrictions on Cows.

Muslims will fast there more if they have food available.

Cow is $160

Rice Basket is $10

Funding is never an issue with us except we like to distribute Ajar to everyone. If there is a need to help any destitute Haqdaar Muslim please do contact me.

Please go online if interested and donate in General Funds or Daily Sadaqa funds.

Dua requested.

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