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Yemen - Help Provide Ramadan Food Baskets to Suffering Families

Updated: May 15


The people of Yemen are experiencing the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. Famine and malnutrition affect 17 of the 30 million population.  

For just $35, our partners, Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation (YRRF) are providing sustenance for a family of six for one month.  HELP US REACH 3,000 FAMILIES. We reach places like Raymah and Hajjah, Saada and Aljawf  - difficult to access geographically, or due to security issues.  

YRRF are not only able to overcome logistical challenges, but also are highly efficient, working through a network of volunteers. It costs only 21 cents a day to provide 3 meals for someone. 7 cents for 1 meal.


Blessed by the Mercy of Allah SWT, we can feed people at an extremely manageable cost. The food baskets contain flour, rice, sugar, cooking oil, powdered milk, and dates.

Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation was established in response to the injustices inflicted on the people of Yemen.  We provide relief to families throughout Yemen and work through a network of volunteers.