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Kashmir in Crisis - Zakat Help for Families in Need

Since last update (yesterday), One Ummah Foundation has already delivered funds for 200 rations to our partners in the Kashmir Crisis Relief Fund - Kashmir American Humane Society (KAHS), a California based non-profit organization. The organization was founded in 2011 and since then, it has developed and implemented several initiatives that promote & improve the social, physical and economic well being of people. KAHS relies on generous donations from donors like you. The organization does not have any paid staff, nor any administrative cost. All the work is being done and supported by one's own free will, passion and voluntary action.

Kashmir has been under lockdown since August 2019 and the recent pandemic (Coronavirus) has added to the sufferings of thousands of families who are struggling to have a proper meal. Most of these families don’t have any means to earn a livelihood. To help support such families, we have started an initiative to provide groceries to as many families as we can. The lockdown / curfew has made things very difficult; however, people on the ground are trying their best to ensure delivery of these packages among the needy families. Packages are being distributed using hand held carts and other means of transportation.