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New Projects With An Old Partner

About 5 years ago, One Ummah was introduced inspiring work done by the Thaakat Foundation in Pakistan, Ghana and Sierra Leone - bringing basic healthcare services and educational opportunities to children in impoverished areas. Since then, One Ummanh and Thaakat Foundation have partnered up to bring the light of hope to those children living among piles of garbage in the village of Kachra Kundi. Located outside of Karachi, Pakistan, this village has more than 100 tons of garbage dumped inside it's walls daily leaving residents without basic civic facilities including access to an education for the village children. After partnering with Thaakat Foundation and their on-site partner, Adra Al Kahir Welfare Society, we are pround to have built 3 campuses with 45 staff serving over 1000 students.

We've renewed our commitment to helping Thaakat Foundation, Adra Al Kahir Welfare Society and the children of Kachra Kundi continue towards a sustainable path of life. Just this month, funds from your generous donations helped to feed many families and children, ensuring they were healthy to attend school and have the attention span needed to learn and contribute to their community.

Please join us in contributing to the ongoing success of the Kachra Kundi schools. Any donations you make will go towards covering the following expenses:

  • Staff salaries

  • Campus needs for over 1000 students

  • Al Khair Intermediary College

  • Construction for an all girls campus

  • Emergency food aid

  • Books & supplies

  • General healthcare & emergency medical aid

  • Counseling to ensure student's attendance

  • Ongoing classroom expansion costs

  • Maintenance & operation costs for clean water

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