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Our Beautiful Mother Earth

Today is International Earth Day, a timely reminder to appreciate the wonder of creation and take notice of what we can (and should) do to improve the world we live in.

Earth Day 2020

Earthrise, an award-winning show from Al Jazeera focuses on the threats and solutions to our planet from around the world, and stories of amazing humans who "strive to improve our quality of life and reduce our negative impact on the earth".

"Reflecting on our responsibility to care for our environment and all living creatures on Earth, can we say we are actively being good stewards of our planet?"

World problems are overwhelming - devastating fires, pandemics, world hunger, conflict, abuse - all weighing on our hearts and minds. We are not able to solve all of life's injustices ourselves, but we are asked to acknowledge them and do something positive to affect change. Just like One Ummah Foundation's mantra, we can make a difference one step at a time.

Our core purpose is to obliterate child labor globally, and in particular the most disenfranchised communities - the poorest of the poor in the world. Our holistic approach addresses the basic needs of families, for without food and water, education for children is impossible. Without education, the cycle of poverty continues.

One Ummah Foundation strives to bring hope to humanity and we invite you to join us in this vision for a better world. Please spread the message of hope - change starts with one small act of kindness. One person really can make a difference.