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Recent development in Kachra Kundi (Landfill area)

Our partner, Thaakat Foundation have informed us that the Government has stopped dumping garbage in the landfill area (Kachra Kundi). The trucks are being redirected to a new place (adjacent to the old one) and locals of the area are not allowed to work there. Villagers are finding it hard to earn their livelihood. Upon realizing the urgent need of people of Kachra Kundi we are fundraising to give ration bags to families of Campus 2 students. 

Life in Kachra Kundi

The overarching state of the Kachra Kundi community is no less than a daily struggle for survival. As the name suggests, this community resides in the midst of a wasteland of the most populous city (Karachi) in Pakistan. The mountains of surrounding waste, the overbearing stench, and the swarms of flies have not only become a normal scene for the community members but are also a source of income for these residents. Collecting and selling waste has become a means of sustenance for the families of Kachra Kundi.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Through Education

Our school DREAMS Campus lll was built in partnership with the Al Khair Welfare society in 2012 to provide an outlet of progress for this community and continues to succeed thanks to the generous support of our donors. Deep into the landfill a small building is filled with the chatter of young children. More than 300 primary age school children receive an education at this facility called DREAMS Campus ll.

In 2018, One Ummah contributions helped with the following work:

  • $10,000 towards the purchase of the All Girls campus plot in Wangi Goth

  • $5000 towards monthly operating expenses (teacher salaries, medical costs, food rations, fuel) for Campus 3

  • $2000 grant towards survey and pilot sewing program for adult women (to launch in March)

  • $3000 grant towards Al Khair college, monthly operating costs for 102 continuing education students

Thanks to your donations, our combined impact has continued to grow. We’re now sponsoring these projects with Al Khair Welfare Society:

  • Campus 2 (305 students) and Campus 3 (775 students)- 40% female enrollement

  • Al Khair Intermediary College (102 students)- 80% female enrollment

  • All Girls campus in Wangi Goth (purchased land)

Please give generously to this cause and help the children and families of Kachra Kundi not only survive, but thrive through access to education, food, and opportunities.

Both campus’ and several others are run on the ground by Al Khair but financially supported by Thaakat Foundation and partners such as One Ummah Foundation.