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Thank You for Feeding Hungry Families

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

78 Cows - South Asia
4 Cows - West Africa                                                                  
14 Goats, 1 Camel - Somalia

1.8 billion Muslims celebrated the "Festival of Sacrifice," or Eid Al-Adha last week. Part of the celebration is sharing meat from a sacrificed animal with the less fortunate. For our non-Muslim readers, Nadda Osman explains in her Middle East Eye article. A large component of our One Ummah Foundation donors follow this tradition each year making it possible for poor families to receive a nutritious meal - a special occasion for so many struggling with hunger.

The generosity of our donors has provided vital nutrition during Eid al-Adha this year for needy families in Togo, West Africa to the slums of Karachi, Pakistan and West Bengal, India. A big thank you to donors for sharing the joy of Eid!

Sacrificial cow in West Togo, Africa provided vital nutrition for many families

One Ummah Foundation Partners

A special thank you to our partners for coordinating the delivery of meat directly to families. One Ummah Foundation is proud to be associated with high integrity individuals and organizations that act fast and efficiently when help is needed.

Our Giving Concept

The notion of sacrificing one's hard earned money to benefit the needy is not reserved for traditional Islamic holidays - it is a year-round activity for many compassionate and charity-minded people. This is especially true of Muslim communities as they pay their Zakat and Sadaqua to satisfy faith-based requirements. Whether you give for Zakat, Sadaqua, or Tithe, having the discipline to give generously and regularly helps stabilize and advance lives of the poorest of the poor.

This is the #1 Priority

One Ummah Foundation believes that food insecurity is the number one priority to address before we can move towards breaking the cycle of poverty. This is our focus                                                            

How does a displaced family survive without food?
How can a child learn on an empty stomach?
How does a poverty-stricken family send a child to school when they can't put food on the table?  

Our mission does not slow down after Eid. Our One Million Meals' Initiative continues with ongoing food programs in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh...and more.

One Million Meals Monthly Fund

As we settle back in to our routines after the holidays, please consider making a recurring donation to One Ummah Foundation programs. For many families there is not much in the way of relief from hunger throughout the year. WE MUST KEEP THEM GOING. The One Million Meals initiative is ongoing and supports yearlong sustenance and emergency situations in severely impoverished areas as well as families that need help keeping kids at school.

One Ummah Foundation is Zakat and Sadaquah eligible. As a 501 c 3 organization, your donation is fully tax deductible and used 100% to deliver the goods and services needed to help the poor.

One Ummah Foundation is a source for delivering help and hope to children and families across the globe. We seek to bridge the divide between race and religion through education and our focus on the commonalities that unite us as "one people". Our programs are blessed with trusted partners that deliver your generous donations to benefit the most needy families in the world.

One Ummah accepts all types of donations including zakat, sadaqah, qurbani and tithe to help break the cycle of poverty and give hope to thousands of needy families.