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This is hard (but important) to read.

SOUTHEAST BANGLADESH, NEAR THE MYANMAR BORDER — “Ethnic cleansing” and even “genocide” are antiseptic and abstract terms. What they mean in the flesh is a soldier grabbing a crying baby girl named Suhaifa by the leg and flinging her into a bonfire. Or troops locking a 15-year-old girl in a hut and setting it on fire.

Nicholas Kristof, of the New York Times is reporting horrific abuse of the Rohingya people. The details are disturbing. Read the story here.

Where does it end? The very notion of genocide says it all - eradication. As if the Rohingya never existed. But there are survivors. What happens to them is dependent on the selfless warriors with only love in their hearts. After all they have been through the very least we can do is provide peace and basic needs so they can carry on. Please help the Rohingya survive. The One Ummah Foundation have a team on the ground to help them recover and live. Your support is life-saving.