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This Ramadan, Help Enrich a Child’s World Through a Needy Schools Donation

This month, our friends in Sri Lanka are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, when our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) was enriched by the first revelation of our Qur’an.

Just as Allah wished to enrich us with the knowledge of His words, we should look to enriching our children so that they may read His words themselves and understand His love and compassion for His people.

As Muslims, we are called to practice acts of compassion during this holy time, and there is no greater way to impact the lives of those less fortunate than by assisting their children to become faithful, educated adults.

How the Needy Schools Program is Changing Lives — One Child at a Time

Run by the hard-working volunteers at Baithul Khair Foundation, the Needy Schools Program reaches a helping hand to children living in rural areas in and around Sri Lanka. These areas are isolated and remote, and often lack even the most basic supplies for schoolwork and education.

These children are from poor agriculture-based or daily-wage-based families that can’t even afford to put food on their plates, let alone purchase school supplies.

Children who don’t have the proper supplies at the beginning of the academic year often don’t attend classes regularly, a factor that negatively impacts their education. Uneducated children are left with fewer options as they grow older, continuing the cycle of poverty within their communities.

Baithul Khair, in coordination with One Ummah, plans to change that for these children and these communities. Here’s how:

Who We’ll Reach

Needy Schools will identify school-aged children from years one through six. These children will be coming from poor families, families without a father, without a mother, or without either parent.

There will be a total of 300 rural boys and girls served.

What We’ll Provide

We will provide school bags, books, notebooks, writing and study materials, and, where appropriate, footwear. This will enable the children to come to class prepared with the materials they need to learn.

How We’ll Do It

First, we’ll identify our 300 beneficiaries. Then we’ll distribute supplies to motive the children and minimize irregular attendance.

We’ll create peace of mind for their parents, as we provide the materials needed for good study. Finally, we’ll follow the progress of our students through interaction with school principals.

Join Us this Ramadan and Give a Child the Gift of Education

As Allah bestowed His knowledge upon our Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him), so you, too, can help to give a needy child the gift of education. In doing so, you will be sharing the love of Allah, and His compassion, with those who need it most.

This holy month, we invite people from all walks of life, all faiths, and all nationalities to join together to help change the lives of these children by giving them the education needed to break the cycle of poverty.

Be a light of hope for children in Sri Lanka this Ramadan, and join us by donating today.