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Disaster Relief

On the ground where its most needed

Whether it is a flood, earthquake, war, famine, or any other man-made or natural disaster, we are committed to safeguarding the most vulnerable in our communities against undue harm. When catastrophe hits, our partners are on the ground carrying out search and rescue, rebuilding, providing meals and sanitation supplies, and offering their support. With your donation we can continue this work globally at the instance the disaster occurs, ensuring those most affected are provided the help they need when it matters the most.

For your convenience, you can also donate by Zelle at:

Gaza Crisis

Innocent civilians, children, and the elderly risk losing their lives in Gazza every hour. The ones who survive are left with no food, water, or electricity and are forced into smaller areas. This has already become one of the biggest humanitarian crises in recent history.


OUF has on-ground support personnel and organizations in Gazza that we can directly work with. We need your support to ensure we can provide the basic necessities that a human life needs.


Rohingya Refugee Crisis

After being persecuted and driven out of their homes and villages by the Myanmar military, an estimated 700,000+ Rohingya Muslims are now congregated in refugee camps in Bangladesh. They are living in sub-human conditions along the border with limited water, food, and medicine. Our partners tirelessly provide these basic needs to children and families in overcrowded camps. Please consider helping those in their most dire need and donating to One Ummah, where all funds go directly to those on the ground.

Palestine Food
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