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Announcing the Racial Justice Scholarship Recipient

Inspired by the Anti-Racism Movement sparked by the death of George Floyd

Wherever One Ummah Foundation works, we believe in forming trusted connections with pluralist local organizations on the ground.

We use this strategy everywhere we operate - be it Yemen, Bangladesh, or Chicago.

That's why we chose the Rev. Darryl Saffore Education Scholarship Fund in partnership with Lawndale Community Christian Church as the beneficiary of our Racial Justice Scholarship.

A 501c3 organization, the Lawndale Community Christian Church strives "to provide those individuals who are seeking a higher education with financial assistance as well as encouragement, love and prayer."

We chose this organization due to our commitment to pluralism and this organization’s history of providing critical resources to some of Chicago’s most marginalized communities. Julie, the late Reverend's wife stated, "we want the students to know that they are not alone on their educational journey. We are here to support them financially, emotionally and spiritually. One of our objectives is to promote the concept of indigenous leaders with the hope that one day they will give back to their community also".

This specific part of Chicago has a long history of socioeconomic racist discrimination through redlining, low high school graduation rates, and widespread poverty.

Single mothers make up a quarter of all households and nearly half of families live below the poverty line. Over 6 people live in each home here on average, compared to just 2.5 in the rest of Chicago.

Youth seeking higher education will receive $500 to $1,500 grants for material like textbooks to help them further their education.

Sometimes, a helping hand for one person puts the wheels in motion to uplift an entire community. So let's help to build the cycle of support and hope in this community with educational resources for the underserved. Thank you!!


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