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Enhancing Efficiency and Minimizing Overhead: One UMMAH Foundation

One Ummah Foundation (OUF) is a remarkable example of a non-profit that has achieved exceptional efficiency and minimized overhead costs. By focusing on improving existing programs and leveraging a network of dedicated volunteers, OUF has been able to direct a significant portion of its funds toward addressing the urgent needs of underprivileged communities in developing countries.

Led by its founder, Mohammad Rahman, OUF keeps its expenses low, below 1%, ensuring that almost all the money goes directly to help people in need. Mr. Rahman's personal commitment is evident through his generous contributions from his own pocket, reflecting his genuine passion for the welfare of others. His dedication sets a strong example that resonates throughout the entire foundation, motivating everyone to work tirelessly for the cause. With blood, sweat, and tears, he ensures that OUF operates with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness.

Why is OUF more efficient than other organizations?

OUF differentiates itself from other charities through its unique approach to initiating projects. Instead of starting new programs from scratch, OUF identifies existing initiatives and partners with local organizations and communities in underdeveloped countries. By collaborating with established programs, OUF avoids unnecessary startup costs and duplication of efforts, allowing them to allocate resources more efficiently. Working alongside other organizations and visionary founders who also invest their own money, OUF acts as a catalyst, amplifying the impact of existing initiatives. If a charitable organization starts with just one room, OUF steps in and provides five more rooms to support its mission. This way, they enhance the work of those who are already making a difference.

One of the significant advantages of One Ummah Foundation is its reliance on a dedicated team of volunteers. These individuals contribute their time and resources to support OUF's projects. Overhead costs are kept at an absolute minimum. OUF does not spend on marketing or employee expenses. With no payroll expenses, OUF can allocate a substantial portion of its funds directly to the beneficiaries, ensuring their contributions directly impact the lives of those in need. Their commitment to transparency is also commendable; they openly share how donors' contributions are utilized, building trust and confidence among supporters.

OUF maintains high financial transparency by making its financial reports available to the public. This openness builds trust among donors, ensuring that their contributions are used judiciously and ethically. By providing regular updates and progress reports on their projects, OUF demonstrates its commitment to accountability and maintains a strong relationship with its supporters. OUF exemplifies how non-profit organizations can optimize their operations to maximize impact and support those in need effectively.

Important Reminder

We know there are many options for your donation dollar, so we can't thank you enough for supporting One Ummah Foundation's mission and being a part of the Ummah. Poverty is a year-round problem, and One Ummah Foundation will be there every step of the way, Inshallah. Let’s keep the momentum going. Our convenient monthly programs help maintain consistent food delivery and sponsor essential community projects that ease suffering around the world.

One Ummah Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to eliminating child labor and bringing hope to families by breaking the cycle of illiteracy and poverty in underdeveloped countries.


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