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Feed the Hungry This Ramadan — and Feed Your Soul

Updated: May 15, 2020

During the holy month of Ramadan, Allah calls us to look closely at the lives of those less fortunate and find ways to bless them. He calls us to fast and pray, turning to His Words to discover a need in the world and fill it.

There is no more overwhelming need in our world than the need for food.

The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (UNFAO) tells us that nearly 821 million people across the globe today are suffering from malnutrition. That’s over 10% of the world’s population.

The even scarier part? World hunger is rising, and with it, malnutrition and all of the impacts to health that come along with it.

How Being Hungry Impacts Mental and Physical Health

As you fast during Ramadan, you’ll discover just how uncomfortable it can be to be hungry. But hunger isn’t just an unpleasant feeling.

It has real impacts on the mental and physical health of sufferers. Mothers who are malnourished can’t produce milk for their babies, who fail to thrive. Anemia, another sign of malnutrition, impacts women’s ability to reproduce.

Around 7.5% of children from birth to age five are simply wasting away. Can you imagine the weight of that burden for a mother or father, to not be able to feed their hungry child?

This perceived failure puts mental stress on all members of the family and contributes to lowered quality of life, to anxiety and depression, and to an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness.

Additionally, malnourished children find it hard to find the energy to learn and underfed adults lack the energy needed to work. This contributes to the vicious cycle of poverty that keep families from being able to throw off their bonds of suffering and live happier, healthier lives.

Join Us this Ramadan and Feed a Hungry Family

As Allah fed the hunger in our souls with His Words, so can we bless others who need physical nourishment. Transform the fasting of Ramadan into understanding how the pain of hunger affects every aspect of life.

When you participate in one of our programs to feed the hungry, the less fortunate, the poor — you’re taking Allah’s hand in blessing another soul.

Your gift can bless mothers with the knowledge that their children will sleep well, with full bellies, each night. Even a small donation will help give a father the stamina he needs to go to work each day to improve his family’s situation.

And by blessing others with this gift, you are blessed in return.

Help provide food to end hunger for a child, a mother, a father — a family — this Ramadan, and join us by donating today.


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