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Here’s what we accomplished with your help

Dhu al-Hijjah is one of the most precious times of the year for One Ummah Foundation, our generous donors, and Muslims around the world.

Many of us entered the holy month of Hijjah facing a totally different reality than last year. 

This Hijjah, many people in our immediate communities face job losses, housing crises, illnesses, and serious travel restrictions. 

For people living in Yemen, Bangladesh, India, Kenya, and other impoverished communities, however, this year’s Dhu al-Hijjah doesn’t look so much different than the past. 

Millions of people around the world wake up every day wondering where their next meal will come from – pandemic or not. 

At One Ummah Foundation, we’ve been extremely busy over the past few months collecting funds and distributing over 20,000 meals to some of Allah’s most needy men, women, and children. 

Alhamdulillah, we managed to deliver Qurbani rations for 200 families thus far. 

* Over 500 refugee families living across three Kenyan camps each received $10 in direct assistance. In Somalia, families received ten goats and two camels to honor Eid al-Adha. Three hundred families received food rations.

*In Kashmir, where innocent civilians face severe persecution, One Ummah Foundation distributed five lambs. 

*Three hundred impoverished Malawian widows received food baskets and 50 goats. Another 1,400 people received food baskets, which we distributed in partnership with One Humanity Foundation. 

*In Bangladesh, Rohingya refugee camps got five cows, and we delivered another cow to a non-refugee impoverished family.

*In Pakistan’s northern area of Faisalabad, where we conduct our Anaya Hope for Children School, families received three cows. Karachi and Peshawar received one cow each along with 5,000 meals and prepared food over Hajj.

*In Togo, we managed to provide food rations for 100 people and one Qurbani cow. 25 Senegalese families received a cow, and in Gambia, we spread food distribution to 100 families.

*By the day of Arafat, we successfully delivered 75 cows to oppressed Muslim families in India along with enough food rations to feed 300 families. You would not believe the conditions oppressed communities face in India’s rural provinces. Even a few dollars can feed a single family for a month in some places. 

We still have lots of work to do.

Our mission doesn’t stop after Eid. Please help sustain our 5 Million Meals Program to continue this work throughout India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malawi, and more.

Poverty is a year-round problem, and One Ummah Foundation will be there every step of the way, inshallah. Let’s keep the momentum going.

Please join our Members’ Forum to stay updated with regular Zakat, Jariyah, and Sadaqah- focused content. Our convenient monthly programs help maintain consistent food delivery and sponsor important community projects that ease suffering around the world.


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