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How Effective is Your Giving?

What are the Top 3 Reasons Why a Gift is Meaningful?


Poverty-stricken people in developing countries face nearly insurmountable barriers imposed by society, culture, prejudice and corruption that prevent them from ever moving beyond a certain point. One Ummah Foundation believes that Every Child Should have Access to Education and that families should not have to choose between food and education for their children. Our holistic approach means that food, clothing, school supplies, water and sometimes structures are part of the overall goal to make education a reality for the poorest of the poor. This lifts the child, the family and the community.

Not only are the residents of Kachra Kundi deprived of basic necessities like clean water, shelter, and electricity, but there had previously been zero access to education in this village- making these children oblivious to the outside world.

Your donations not only sent these children to school but they also help to build a future for their community and their families.


The humble efforts of the One Ummah volunteer team ensure that each donation goes directly to the cause. Our Program Directors can receive funds and deliver goods and services directly to those in need in an extremely expeditious manner, compared to larger, less agile organizations. While growth causes an increase in costs, we measure success by subsequent growth in impact. Changing lives begins at the local level and that is where your generous gift is directed.

In Togo, our Program Director for Water Wells reported, "The impact is unbelievable. This one will serve about 8 different families. I grew up up with 4 moms. 22 brothers and sisters in a house without a water well. Next house was the only one with a well. It served everybody. InshAllah one day - one water well per household will be the goal..."

Our Ummah has provided 3 water wells in Togo, changing the lives of 100's of people. A donation of $600 will build water well #4, and then #5 until every family has access to water.


By liking and sharing our social media posts, forwarding emails, running your own peer-to-peer campaign you can exponentially help to grow our donor base and impact more people in need.

THANK YOU DONORS! We have EXCEEDED $5 MILLION MEALS and set a new goal to serve 25 MILLION MEALS! Together we can do this!!!

One of the most efficient ways to give is to share.



How giving makes you feel may seem self-centered, but if you don't meet the needs of your philanthropic desires, your religious duty, or causes that connect with your heart, you are not fully invested. Choosing where to invest your time and money usually involves a level of satisfaction that comes from attaining a result that otherwise may never be achieved.

Do you value immediate impact without bureaucratic red tape, where dignity is maintained?

In Karachi, Pakistan, One Ummah partner, Parveen Saeed runs Khana Ghar, a program that provides meals for the poor. People pay whatever they can afford which allows them to retain dignity in getting a hand up, rather than a hand out.

With your help, Khana Ghar has increased from providing 3,000 to 5,000 meals per day.

When the floods hit, Parveen Saeed was able to pivot quickly to provide emergency food and water for those affected.

One Ummah donors answered the call to help make this happen WHEN and WHERE it was needed most.

P.S. Your Sadaqa Jariyah, zakat, tithe and end-of-year giving are covered within the One Ummah structure. Choose your option at checkout.

>>>Important Reminder

These stories are reminders of how life-changing a gift can be. We know there are many options for your donation dollar, so we can't thank you enough for continuing to support One Ummah Foundation's mission and being a part of the Ummah. Keep us in mind for your Giving Tuesday and end-of-year gifts 🙏

One Ummah Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to eliminating child labor and bringing hope to families by breaking the cycle of illiteracy and poverty in underdeveloped countries.


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