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Introducing the George Floyd scholarships

We’re standing side-by-side with those affected by racism. Here’s how.

One Ummah Foundation stands with the Black community as it mourns the loss of yet another life at the hands of police and racist terror. 

We refuse to remain silent about the violence our Black community faces every day, and the nation’s history of systemic racism. We’re dedicated to the fight against structural racism not just in spirit, but in our actions. 

We want compassion to go viral.

In our commitment to the struggle against systemic racism and solidarity with families of color, we’re honored to announce our 2021 scholarships in Memory of George Floyd and a series of local initiatives to fight back against racism and fear. 

One Ummah Foundation typically focuses on marginalized communities abroad, providing basic necessities like clean water, food, and education. Now, we’re shifting our efforts to our own backyard. 

The founder of One Ummah Foundation, Mohammad Saeed Rahman, understands the pain and darkness following the loss of not one but two children in tragic circumstances. No parent deserves to live with the fear that their child may not return home one day. 

For over 20 years, we’ve strived to light the way for millions of children abroad with tangible support. Now, we want to offer this same strength, support, and healing to vulnerable children in our own communities – while continuing our global relief efforts. 

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for more information on our George Floyd memorial scholarships for disenfranchised children and other local initiatives. 

 “One Ummah” means One People. United in peace, we’re stronger together.

Please, join us in the honorable fight against poverty, racism, inequality, and injustice. Your donation and support will open up a world of opportunities to those less fortunate both at home and around the world.


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