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Partner Spotlight - Baithul Khair Foundation, Sri Lanka

For more than 10 years, Baithul Khair with the ongoing support of One Ummah Foundation, has been working to break the cycle of poverty for hundreds of widows, children and orphans in Sri Lanka who lack access to education, clean water, and proper nutrition.

Orphan Care in Bibile, Sri Lanka

One Ummah proudly supports this project in the District of Moneragala (250km from Colombo) which focuses on improving quality of life by providing educational resources, health care, and nutritional supplement for orphans. Our partner, Baithul Khair Foundation, continues to be good stewards of funds, ensuring that our donors contributions' have maximum impact.

Self Employment Project from 2007

For families living in remote rural areas, access to good education is the key to lifting children out of this desperate cycle. The meager resources that exist do not cover basic needs. Self employment projects for widows can change the destiny of lives. With so few opportunities, it is critical to continue this very important work to make a difference in the lives of needy people.


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