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Save Lives in Gaza

Despite the carnage around them, the people of Gazza are resiliently surviving through the worst, but many are starving and living in sub-human conditions. We are partnered with Heroic Hearts to ensure no child in Gazza goes to bed on an empty stomach. You can now help deliver hundreds of hot meals to our friends in Gazza for just $1.10 per meal. Heroic Hearts has personnel on-the-ground to ensure your donations are fully utilized.

What's Happening in Gaza Now? Help Us Save Lives in Gaza

As of today, at least 23,000 people have been murdered, and 60,000 are severely injured.

Another 10,000 are missing; many are presumed to be dead and under the rubble.

IDF continues its genocide through military action against Gazza with brutality and disregard for the lives of innocents.

1.9 Million people (estimated 85% of the Gazza population) are internally displaced and facing missiles and white sulfur poisoning daily. While IDF continues to target the most populated zones, only 1,100 people from Gazza have been allowed to cross the border into Egypt.

OCHA estimates that about 65,000 residences have been obliterated, and another 290,000 have been damaged severely, meaning that at least half a million people have no home to return to.

23 out of 36 hospitals have been destroyed and are inoperable, and 104 schools 70% of schools in Gazza) have been demolished.

Water is at 7% capacity compared to the amounts accessed before the genocide; for reference, that is enough water for one shower for every 4,500 people in Gazza, and currently, most aid is not being allowed through the Egypt border to reach Gazza.

Due to our on-the-groud partnerships, we can ensure your donations make it into the hands and mouths of those starving and needing it the most. Save Lives in Gaza, Please donate today.

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