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Skilled Trades Can Save Lives

Learn how Hunar Foundation is changing lives for Pakistanis through skilled trades.

We began One Ummah Foundation to eliminate child labor by breaking the cycle of poverty and illiteracy in underdeveloped countries.

Our goal was – and still is – to provide the material support individuals and communities need.

That’s why we’re proud to partner with Hunar Foundation.

A quarter of all Pakistanis live below the poverty line with less than $2 in purchasing power each day.

Many men and women lack professional skills to gain valuable employment. Meanwhile, 40% of Pakistani employers say they can’t fill jobs because no one has the right skills. Our US donors are no doubt familiar with the positive change a certification in a skilled trade can bring.

Welding, engineering, electrical work, plumbing – these skills empower someone to earn a living wage in a respectable career and support their family no matter where they live.

Hunar Foundation helps break the cycle of poverty by providing training to students wishing to pursue skilled trades.

Through institutes across the country, Hunar Foundation supplies vocational training in fields like industrial sewing, IT, welding, and other in-demand industries.

Because while handing out food to the hungry is important, long-term community empowerment comes from development.

Join us in helping Hunar Foundation continue their valuable work.


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