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Soup Kitchens For Gaza!

As of today, in Gaza at least 23,000 people have been killed, and 60,000 are severely injured. Another 10,000 are missing; many are presumed to be dead and under the rubble. IDF continues its bombardment through military action against Gazza with brutality and disregard for the lives of innocent people, even as the UN has made a resolution for cease fire, and South Africa is continuing proceedings at the International Court against Israel. An estimated 85% of Gaza’s population has been displaced (1.9 million people) and are facing missiles and white sulfur poisoning daily. While IDF continues to target the most populated zones including refugee camps, only 1,100 people from Gaza have been allowed to cross the border into Egypt. OCHA estimates that about 65,000 residences have been obliterated, and another 290,000 have been damaged severely, meaning that at least half a million people have no home to return to; 23 out of 36 hospitals have been destroyed and are inoperable, and 104 schools 70% of schools in Gazza) have been demolished. Water is at 7% capacity compared to the amounts accessed before the genocide; for reference, that is enough water for one shower for every 4,500 people in Gazza, and currently, most aid is not being allowed through the Egypt border to reach Gazza.

The situation is beyond dire with one in four Gazans on the brink of death by starvation. Yet our partners with Heroic Hearts Organization are on the ground providing hot food every day out of eight soup kitchens throughout the country providing 3,000 meals a day per kitchen (24,000 meals a day!) and ensuring the most vulnerable are not dying due to starvation. The cost of maintaining one of these kitchens for a month is $75,000 and Heroic hearts maintain a 100% donation policy ensuring that every dollar directly contributes to supporting families in Gaza.

As we navigate the challenges of our world, it becomes increasingly vital to stand in solidarity with those who face adversity. Innocent civilians, children, and the elderly risk losing their lives in Gaza every hour. The ones who survive are left with no food, water, or electricity and are forced into smaller areas. This has already become one of the biggest humanitarian crises in recent history.

We are pleading with like-minded institutions to help support humanitarian aid to end the catastrophe. Heroic Hearts is on the ground and ready to provide that aid if only you will empower it. One day of operations for all seven soup kitchens costs $15,000 and providing one soup kitchen for a month costs $75,000, saving tens of thousands of lives.

If you are able to make this commitment, please join us in ensuring the world does not idly stand by while one of the greatest humanitarian catastrophes of our age continues.


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