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Update on Gaza

Update on Gaza: It has been more than120 days since the initial bombardment on Gaza Palestine, and since then nearly 30,000 people have been murdered along with the nearly 70,000 injured.

The US and UK militaries have now focused on bombing areas in Iran and Syria and have hit over 85 so far. Since the case at the ICJ closed and determined that the IDF is carrying out genocidal activities, the US and France have cut funding to the UNRWA the largest contributor to humanitarian relief in Gaza.

Now the Israeli military is targeting 'safe zones' which they demarcated such as Rafah and bombing those areas where the 1.9 million Gazans reside in refugee camps and tents. There is virtually no access to food and water, yet our partners are on the ground still providing meals, water, sanitary supplies and more: please continue to share and donate

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