One Ummah and  DAANA are joining forces to help the refugees in India whose situation is now worse than in Cox's Bazaar. Dr Muhammad Khan form Deccan Doctors shared his experience on CNN recently. You can view the footage here to get background on the situation.

Give the blessing of sharing meat during the Eid al-Adha season. Help fight hunger and provide what may be the only meat these families consume all year. We honor this Islamic tradition while providing important nutrition for growing children and needy families.


Education services for 790 children in Cox's Bazaar. The two learning centers in Balukhali Camp need ongoing support to help children find stability in their lives and move to the next level.  


Funds for this project also include a meal per day for each child. Recurring donations are encourage to keep education consistent for these children.


Children and families in Yemen are facing the threats of starvation and deadly disease. Every ten minutes, a child in Yemen dies of a preventable illness. The U.N. recently warned that the escalating crisis could lead to "the largest famine the world has seen for many decades, with millions of victims."

We must act now to prevent further catastrophe. Hunger and cholera are also affecting parts of the DR Congo, South Sudan and Nigeria. Your generous gift will help reach more vulnerable people in dire need of help with lifesaving relief.

Please make a gift to our partner, Mercy Corps, Humanitarian Response Fund today to help families in Yemen.