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Our Projects

We work with multiple projects, organizations, and campaigns in order to change the world for the better. Please consider contributing to one of our projects below.

$25 Million Meal Program

Just 25 cents a meal allows us to make an enormous impact on poor families across the world. 

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Global Education Projects

Ensuring children, families and communities build towards a sustainable future. Ensuring children, families.

Happy Indian Girl

Khana Ghar

Based in Pakistan, dedicated to providing full meals to anyone who wants to eat for only 3 rupees

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Families Serving Families

A small group of families helping over 40+ families including refugees, single moms and orphans in the East Bay, CA area.



Elderly Laborer Program

Providing an endowment to our elders to help them live a life they deserve. Treat our elders how we would want to be treated.

Walk in the Park
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