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Eid Al Adha

​Eid-Al-Adha 2023 is coming up soon on Wed, Jun 28, 2023 – Thu, Jun 29, 2023. Give Qurbani and ensure your sacrifices are shared among those who need them. Many families and those who do not have enough to eat can share the benefits of your Qurbani. This year has been extremely difficult for many all around the world. Following the completion of Hajj, you can follow in the footsteps of Ibrahim and show your commitment and willingness to Allah SWT.

One Ummah Foundation, in partnership with the Humanitarian African Relief Organization, has reserved cows that can be purchased for $175 to $700; or sheep for $55, in addition to dozen of partners around the world. 

Additionally, we are partnering with Healing our Homeland, an organization that serves Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip. 
Palestine: $400/ small sheep, $550 for a large sheep, $3800 for 1 cow, $550 for a portion of a cow (1 cow can be shared among 7 families)

​Where is your sacrifice shared? 

You can reserve an animal in these locations and ensure families will be able to eat plentifully this year:

Malawi: $60/goat

Yemen: $310/sheep

Uganda: $60/goat, $320/cow

India: $220/cow

Somalia: $80/goat, $420/cow, $800/camel

Pakistan: $570/cow

Cambodia: $620/cow

Togo: $620/cow

Other Countries: $720/cow

Other countries include Somalia, Bangladesh, Togo, Senegal, and Eritrea, along with many more areas and communities in West African and Asian countries.

We thank you for your Qurbani that will benefit so many families this Eid Al Adha!​

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