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Elder Laborer Care

Supporting laborers with no safety net to retire

Day laborers worldwide have no pension fund, social security, or 401K, and they have nothing to fall back on when a crisis strikes and they need to pay a large hospital bill or support their family. This leaves millions without any safety net and often results in debts that they can never pay, which perhaps their families will continue to pay even after their passing. To provide a safer and less indebted world for all The One Ummah Foundation partners to provide support for elderly day laborers to allow them to continue to live in peace and even retire when necessary. For only $10 a month, an elderly day laborer can be provided enough to live on without incurring debts or having to work themselves to death. Please consider donating to support an elderly day laborer.

Where We Work

Middle East

Palestine / Gaza

North America




South Asia

Bangladesh / Rohingya

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