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Grants & Reports

The One Ummah Foundation partners with trusted organizations worldwide to provide for the most needy.

To submit your application or reporting form, please download the forms below and attach all relevant information.

Please note that we rarely fund unsolicited grants. Most grants are provided by invitation only.

Please allow 30 to 60 days for processing.

If you are already a partner re-applying for funding, please ensure you have filled out all reporting forms from any prior funding.

That is a pre-requisite to continued funding.

Charity Work

Apply for a Grant

Please download our grant application form and fill it out completely with all necessary attachments:

Grant Application

Please include a detailed budget or use our budget template:


Budget Template


Submit a Grant Report

Your organization must submit a grant report after receiving a grant from the One Ummah Foundation. Please download and fill out the form below and submit it within 30 days of utilizing the funding:

Grant Report

View presentation report
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