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A Renewed Commitment

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Dear Donor,

Many in the One Ummah family know of the heartbreaking loss this past year of Nabil Saeed Rahman - second son of Mohammad and Tasneem, and brother to Hibah and Abdullah. The deep and profound sorrow the Rahman family has endured from this second tragic and untimely death has been immeasurable.

Yet through it all, the Rahmans' unwavering faith provided them with the strength to emerge from a world of grief and turn tragedy into hope and inspiration. Blessed by the outpouring of love and support, the Rahman’s have emerged with an energized commitment and determination to increase and expand OUF’s impact around the world. One symbol of that commitment to honor Nabil’s memory and serve many thousands of children around the world, is the change to the One Ummah Foundation logo. We will be known as "One Ummah Foundation" and our eternal inspiration is dedicated to both Mustafa & Nabil.

One Ummah Foundation Logo

One Ummah Foundation remains a charity dedicated to eliminating child labor by breaking the cycle of illiteracy and poverty by providing children the freedom and resources to attend school. The Foundation has positively impacted more than 50,000 families of poor and needy children since 1999. Rahman’s renewed mission is to bring love and hope to exponentially more underdeveloped communities and families in need.

Our bold goals are to:

  • Support the education of one million needy children

  • Provide ten million meals to families each year

  • Triple our donor family base

One Ummah invites you to help make these goals a reality. Will you join us in honoring the sons and the lives of countless children in need? Invest in the future with your ongoing charitable donation and empower victories for families across the globe each and every day.

We recognize that you have many options and genuine needs out there when considering your giving commitment. At One Ummah Foundation, your dollar goes a long way to transforming lives and we sincerely appreciate all that you do for humanity.

With gratitude,

The One Ummah Foundation

P.S If you believe in our mission, method and values please forward to your friends and colleagues so that we may collectively win victories for humanity!


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