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The One Ummah Foundation and Human Appeals: Partners in Ending Hunger and Suffering

In a world fraught with crises, organizations like the One Ummah Foundation and Human Appeal stand out as beacons of hope, tirelessly working to alleviate suffering and hunger among the world’s most vulnerable populations. Their collaborative efforts and unwavering dedication exemplify the power of compassion and collective action in making a difference.

Human Appeal, founded by a group of UK medical students in 1991, emerged as a response to humanitarian emergencies worldwide. Over the years, it has established a remarkable track record of impactful interventions, with a presence in over 20 countries, including offices in Syria, Yemen, Gaza, Pakistan, the UK, and the USA. Their commitment to providing life-saving support has touched the lives of over 4.4 million people in 2023 alone, a testament to their dedication to serving those in need.

One of the standout initiatives of Human Appeal is their provision of over 1 million meals during the Ramadan season, a time of heightened significance for Muslims worldwide. This effort addresses immediate hunger and embodies the spirit of solidarity and generosity that defines the holy month.

Furthermore, Human Appeal has embarked on ambitious projects to foster sustainable development in crisis-affected communities. By building villages in rural areas with essential amenities such as lighting, toilet facilities, and water, they provide shelter and lay the groundwork for long-term healthy living standards. With over 3,000 homes built in the last year and 70 villages renovated, their impact on improving livelihoods is tangible and far-reaching, benefiting more than 100,000 persons.

In times of crisis, such as the humanitarian situation in Gaza, Human Appeals’ agility and effectiveness shine through. Their on-the-ground presence and strong ties to neighboring countries like Jordan and Egypt enable them to respond swiftly and effectively to urgent needs, providing critical aid to those caught amid conflict and hardship.

Central to the success of Human Appeal endeavors is their extensive network of over 2,000 volunteers in the UK and beyond. These dedicated individuals form the organization’s backbone, working tirelessly to deliver aid and support to communities in crisis.

Moreover, Human Appeal maintains stringent oversight mechanisms, including a robust audit department, to ensure transparency and accountability in using funds. By adhering to safeguarding policies and ensuring resources are directed where they are most needed, they uphold the trust and confidence of donors and beneficiaries.

In partnership with the One Ummah Foundation, Human Appeal continues to make strides in the fight against hunger and suffering, embodying the values of compassion, solidarity, and resilience. Together, they offer a beacon of hope for a better, more compassionate world where no one is left behind in times of crisis.


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