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Crisis in Karachi - Flood Relief for Poor

Devastating monsoon rains have killed at least 90 people. Poor people already struggling are facing insurmountable challenges to just stay alive. Please help.

We aim to raise $100,000 for tarps, rebuilding huts, food rations and clean water. You can donate directly to the cause here.

The Guardian reports that, "Streets and homes flooded with sewage in Karachi as downpours overwhelm outdated waste system in country’s largest city". 

People make their way through a flooded road after monsoon rains in Karachi, Pakistan. Photograph: Shahzaib Akber/EPA, The Guardian

For the struggling poor, this is a devastating blow to already challenging conditions as they try to survive desperate poverty. On top of all of this, Pakistan is trying to contain the spread of coronavirus which has caused more than 6,200 deaths.

Parveen Saeed is One Ummah Foundation's partner on the ground meeting the challenge of feeding the poor.

We have expanded relief efforts to funding shelter as well as food and clean water. The situation is extremely dire for people already living in poverty.

Funds will be used to buy rations, tarps, building materials and clean water.

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The humanitarian work is amazing

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