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Hiranand Leper Hospital 1896

In 1896, a leper hospital opened its doors to provide care for those battling Hansen's disease, also known as Leprosy, in Pakistan. Over the years, it became a sanctuary for patients in need. However, today, this historic hospital is in prompt distress. About 95 patients find themselves in a dire situation, struggling without electricity, food, and consistent medication.

Leprosy remains a challenge in Pakistan, with new cases emerging every year. The old leper hospital has stood the trial of time, but the hospital's conditions have deteriorated—cracked walls, peeling paint, and insufficient facilities have left patients in discomfort. In the past decade, the hospital's decline has been exacerbated by a lack of funding and support from the government. Despite the hospital's history and the importance of its mission, funds have not been allocated, leading to a cut in electricity and gas supply. As a result, patients have had to grapple with hunger, discomfort, and medical neglect, casting a shadow over their lives.

Lack of electricity forces patients to endure sweltering heat, which they cope with by lying on the floor, adding to their discomfort. Patients do not have access to consistent meals and are required to prepare their own food due to the lack of dedicated cooks. They are unable to afford medication and meals, even having to choose between one or the other at times. Their quality of life is deeply affected from not having these necessities, especially as they also struggle with their health.

Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.”

- Horace Man

One Ummah Foundation has taken on the challenge of revitalizing the hospital and restoring its dignity. They have sponsored the entire hospital, pledging to ensure that patients receive the care they deserve. This means making sure the electricity, water, and gas stay on and the payments stay up to date. Meals are being provided two times a day for the 95 patients, as well as snacks throughout the day. They are also making sure the patients are able to get their medications.

One Ummah Foundation is making sure the patients have all the necessities they need to live with comfort and dignity. But they can't do it alone—your support matters.

Click below to donate to this hospital. Together, we can show compassion and create a brighter future for the forgotten patients of the leper hospital.

Important Reminder

We know there are many options for your donation dollar, so we can't thank you enough for supporting One Ummah Foundation's mission and being a part of the Ummah. Poverty is a year-round problem, and One Ummah Foundation will be there every step of the way, Inshallah. Let’s keep the momentum going. Our convenient monthly programs help maintain consistent food delivery and sponsor essential community projects that ease suffering worldwide.

One Ummah Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to eliminating child labor and bringing hope to families by breaking the cycle of illiteracy and poverty in underdeveloped countries.

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