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Le Gratitude's First Symposium: Gratitude, A Conversation

Le Gratitude Institute hosted its first symposium on Saturday, September 30th, marking the beginning of a monthly series aimed at exploring and embracing a gratitude-based life. The event dived into the profound benefits of gratitude, personal stories of choosing gratitude, and what was behind the institute's commitment to spreading gratitude in the world.

The foundation of the institute's mission lies in faith, patience, and the understanding that life is beyond human control. Having faith in a higher power which can be coupled with patience and prayer, serves as the driving force to persevere. The speakers emphasized the importance of maintaining an attitude of gratitude, focusing on blessings rather than complaints.

The symposium highlighted that talking about gratitude is just the first step. True gratitude is expressed through action, particularly by finding ways to help humanity. This step triggers a transformation in the body, mind, soul, and spirit, leading to a purpose-driven life. Scientific studies were cited to show that philanthropy offers various health benefits, including improved physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and fiscal health. It was pointed out that giving to others can bring favor to oneself, fostering a sense of well-being and happiness.

The symposium featured an impressive lineup of speakers who shared their own experiences with gratitude and philanthropy:

Nasir Moinuddin: An executive with Marvel Technology, a semiconductor company, and a dedicated philanthropist actively involved in charitable endeavors.

Craig Peterson: A seasoned technologist who made significant contributions to Intel, creating jobs and aiming to make positive impacts on society.

Dr. Nouridin Hadi: A dentist who provides pro bono dental care to thousands in underdeveloped countries, demonstrating a commitment to helping those in need.

Dr. Ghulam Qadir Fayyaz: A plastic surgeon known for performing pro bono surgeries to help children born with cleft palates worldwide.

Dr. Maqsood Ahmed: Founder of the Hometown Foundation, dedicated to raising awareness about substance abuse and addiction, helping families and professionals.

Tazaiyun Oomer: Often referred to as the "Mother Teresa of Bangalore," Tazaiyun is the founder of A Humane Touch India, providing support to orphanages and single mothers while collaborating with One Ummah.

The symposium also outlined Le Gratitude Institute's vision to increase gratitude awareness and create a research center dedicated to studying the scientific benefits of gratitude. The institute aims to support inner-city children, single mothers, and those facing tough times through initiatives such as subsidized education and grants. Please join them for their monthly symposium, and you can watch the recording below.

Important Reminder

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