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Fight Child Labor Worldwide this Ramadan

In underdeveloped countries around the world, millions of innocent children are denied access to education and opportunities.

According to the UN estimates, 258 million children are not in any school, and 218 million children are involved in child labor – often full-time.

The Bright Future Program prevents children from working in dangerous conditions, prostitution, trafficking, slavery, and even armed conflict by delivering the tools they need to thrive.

With your zakat this Ramadan, we can give children in places like Bangladesh resources to complete their education and set them on the path to fulfilling lives. This Ramadan, fight child labor worldwide with us.

One Ummah’s Bright Future Program: Giving Children the Tools They Need to Succeed

Thanks to the Bright Future Program, several impoverished children worldwide have completed their Primary School Certificate Exams and went on to further their education.

In impoverished areas of Bangladesh, families have had to flee their homes due to river erosion. Children must work to survive, and most schools lack proper teachers and infrastructure.

We supply whatever is needed to help lift families up.

In one case, a student was severely sick, so we paid $500 for her medical care. She recovered and passed primary school with excellence.

During Ramadan in 2018, two of our students lost their fathers. Losing a family’s sole breadwinner often means children are forced to work. However, we provided each of their families with a cow to sell milk and provide an income.

Together, Your Zakat Can Help Us Prevent Child Labor This Ramadan

While we’re extremely proud of the work we’ve completed, Bright Future still has much to do. For 2024, we’d like to:

· Financially support families so children can focus on school.

· Provide monthly scholarships to needy and meritorious children.

· Hire teachers for classes at different levels.

· Break up our classrooms into different grade levels.

This Ramadan, your zakat can make a real difference in the lives of impoverished children in Bangladesh and around the world.

Please consider a one-time or recurring donation today to help One Ummah continue our Bright Future program year-round.


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