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Sri Lanka - Ramadan Kanji Iftar Program

Updated: May 15, 2020

Allah has called upon His creation to show compassion and mercy during this holy month of Ramadan. As He has poured His blessings upon us, He petitions us, in turn, to pour blessings upon the less fortunate in our world.

Our friends at the Baithul Khair Foundation in Bibile, Sri Lanka are committed to letting those who suffer know Allah’s love. Bringing them nourishment for their bodies in loving service to Allah also brings them nourishment for their souls — and the souls of those who participate.

Poverty abounds in Bibile, and many of the villagers have been forced to combine breakfast, lunch, and dinner into a single small meal at mid-day. This means scores of children, widows, and the elderly are going to bed hungry many nights. A simple, healthy meal of grains and coconut costs a mere 60 cents.

We have a goal to provide 100,000 meals during the holy month of Ramadan

What can you do?

For just $40 USD, a Food Pack provided by our partners in Bibile allows you to provide a hungry family with enough rations for two weeks of nourishing meals.

Here’s what will be provided in a typical Food Pack:

  • 20 kg rice

  • 2 kg sugar

  • 0.5 kg tea

  • 2 kg milk powder

  • 2 kg dhal

  • Other cooking items such as fresh vegetables, onions, and cooking oil, among others

Imagine being able to gift a struggling widow and her children with nutritious food for two weeks for just $40 USD. That’s less than the cost of one dinner at a restaurant. The guarantee of food each day means children will have the energy to learn and thrive. Confidence that there will be food on the table tomorrow wipes worry from a mother’s heart and eases the cares of the elderly. Our volunteers will take care of getting these much-needed Food Packs to the families who need them, but we rely on your donations to make this dream come true for these villagers in Sri Lanka.

Join Us this Ramadan and Feed a Hungry Family

As Allah fed the hunger in our souls with His Words, so can we bless others who need physical nourishment.

When we meet the physical needs of these villagers, we not only help them thrive, but we show them Allah’s love through our intervention.

This holy month, we invite people from all walks of life, all faiths, and all nationalities to join together to provide food to those in need.

Help nourish widows, children, and the elderly in Sri Lanka this Ramadan, and join us by donating today.


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