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Supporting Gaza through Gratitude on the New Year

Support Gaza and the world through you gratitude this New Year's Day by attending the Le Gratitude Institutes Symposium to discuss the practice and theory of gratitude, featuring scholars and humanitarians who will speak in the vitality of giving and receiving in gratitude such as these women show through the work of Heroic Hearts Organization.

The symposium aims to raise $10,000 which will be matched by One Ummah Foundation, it costs just $1.10 to provide one hot meal to our starving brothers and sisters in the Gaza Strip, and our partners on the ground are doing everything they can to alleviate the suffering of those without. The situation is beyond dire over 1 millions people are facing starvation and obliteration. Yet even in this massacre we are providing life saving aid and through you we are empowered to do this work! Donate today

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